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Teaching and Learning Key Stage One



At Great Barr Primary School, in Birmingham, independent enquiry-based learning has been at the heart of children's learning throughout the Early Years foundation stage.

KS1 class teachers explain how the school ensures that the maths learning builds upon the skills the children have developed throughout nursery and reception.

In Year 1 we follow an active skills-based whole class session on problem solving, and see how this is followed up through a variety of play-based activities across the day.

The children work in both independent situations as well as in focus groups. They are encouraged to self assess against personal objectives.

Year 2's morning maths session tackles problem solving using strategies such as number lines. The teacher reflects on how the children's independent work can highlight any misconceptions children may have and how these observations feed into future planning.

Published : May 2007

15 mins


Progression in Primary Maths


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Primary Maths


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