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ProTeachersVideo offers you easy access to the entire Teachers TV archive of high quality professional development videos. They cover the full range of curriculum subjects as well as school improvement topics. They offer a unique library of professional development resources that can be used by individual teachers and by educational professionals and teacher trainers to share effective practice and support reflective and collaborative improvement.

There are two ways to search the archive. You can review the lists of programmes and series below or you can use the search box to find specific videos.

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Whole School

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Leadership and Early Years

Suggested videos
Leadership - Parent Voice
Leadership - Parent Voice Two children's centres illustrate the success of parent voice
15 mins Watch video
Scotland - CPD
Scotland - CPD Discover Scotland's approach to CPD, including Chartered Teacher
15 mins Watch video
KS3 English - Much Ado in the Classroom
KS3 English - Much Ado in the Classroom Using drama to engage KS3 English pupils with Shakespeare
15 mins Watch video
KS1/2 English - The Multilingual School
KS1/2 English - The Multilingual School How a school environment celebrates its diversity through EAL
15 mins Watch video

ProTeachersVideo is an archive of over 3500 Teachers TV videos
for professional development or to use in class.

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